Places where Reiki is already being utilized:

  • Hospitals
  • AIDS Clinics
  • Cancer Treatment Centers
  • Physical Therapist Offices
  • Chiropractic Centers
  • Veterinarian Clinics
  • Animal Shelters


Hospital List- Provided at the link below is a list of Hospitals that use Reiki
Reiki Hospital List
IARP- Reiki in Hospitals and Medicine 


How Reiki Helps AIDS Patients - AIDS Case Study


How Reiki Helps Cancer Patients 

Quoted from the International Association of Reiki Professionals: 

For  cancer patients, Reiki may be able to help reduce pain associated with  the progression of the disease. It can also reduce some of the  uncomfortable symptoms patients commonly experience during cancer  treatment, such as anxiety, weakness and nausea. Furthermore, Reiki can also improve the patient’s emotional health and outlook, which may  increase the patient’s ability and willingness to comply with  physician’s instructions and adhere to treatment protocols. 

IARP- How Reiki Helps Cancer Patients

A Phase II Trial of Reiki for the Management of Pain in Advanced Cancer Patients
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Reiki & Breast Cancer, International Association of Reiki Professionals 

Symptomatic Improvement Reported After Receiving Reiki at a Cancer Infusion Center
. 2012. American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine. 

My Personal Experience: 10/11/2016 

My father had  stage 4 colon cancer and while he was in the hospital I performed Reiki on his stomach area after he had received surgery the day prior.  He was in a lot of pain, and once I started administering Reiki there was  noticeable improvement in pain relief.  My dad was able to go into a nice comfortable nap.  

By: Elizabeth Howard    Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist  

Reiki and Animals

Yes!!! Animals can receive Reiki too!
SARA - Shelter Animal Reiki Association
SARA - Animal Shelters that use Reiki 
Animal Reiki Resource - What is Animal Reiki?
Animal Reiki Resource - Animal Reiki Videos 
ARA - Animal Reiki Alliance  

About the photo:
I wanted to share this picture of  me doing reiki on Keebler.  Keebler is half Pomeranian and half  Shitzu.  Yes!! You can do reiki on animals too!  They need love and  healing as well! I've been walking Keebler for a close family friend for  the past few years. I always noticed that he had issues being around  cars, people and other dogs. He would be overly aggressive or overly  terrified. And there were days he was totally fine.  I started to notice  a correlation in his personality and the days he was feeling bad, it  was dependent upon the health and well being of his owner.  His owner  has not been well and has been sick and depressed on and off for a long  time.  Any time she was upset, Keebler would be upset too.  I decided  one day that I wanted to experiment sending reiki on him and I noticed a  significant change when I walked him. He was happy, calm and at ease,  and he would interact more with people and dogs than ever before.  I saw  the patterns in his behavior and started giving reiki to him on a  regular basis.  Now every time I come over to walk him, he expects his  Reiki treatments and he very much enjoys them! He lays on his side and  likes his belly rubbed and I place my hands near his head, and he rests  his face in my hands.  Usually after the treatment he doesn't want to  move and he is so relaxed.   I encourage people to learn reiki to  benefit themselves and start sending reiki to their pets and loved  ones!  Reiki is such a wonderful gift to give to your furry babies and  loved ones! 

Pain Management

 Effect  of Reiki Therapy on Pain and Anxiety in Adults: An In-Depth Literature  Review of Randomized Trials with Effect Size Calculations
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Reiki Research List

IARP - Reiki Research

Center for Reiki Research

A close friend of mine who is a PHD did a research paper on Reiki!  Check out the link below. Reiki Research Paper

Medical Reiki Info - and how it's used in the operating room with Raven Keyes, Reiki Master.

Medical Reiki International Website

 Calm Down & Destress Before Surgery. 2017. Cape Cod Health News.  

 Clinical Nurse, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Monthly Newsletter Nursing & Patient Care Services Brigham & Womens Hospital. 

Using Reiki to Support Surgical Patients. 1999. Journal of Nursing Care Quality.  

Elizabeth Howard Reiki Master in Reston, VA


Call today for a free phone consultation: (703)-999-8097

Call today for a free phone consultation: (703)-999-8097

Disclaimer: Reiki along with other alternative healing methods such as hypnosis and EFT, etc. can help promote/enhance healing physically, mentally and spiritually for many people, but it doesn't mean it should replace medical care. (Although it is great complimentary care!)  Please see a Medical Doctor or professional if needed.  Thank you for taking charge of your health!

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Please enjoy my research-

Provided below are statistics and research about Reiki. I've also provided information about the various different types of reiki used today. Reiki along with other alternative healing methods such as hypnosis and EFT, etc. can help promote/enhance healing physically, mentally and spiritually for many people, but it doesn't mean it should replace medical care. (Although it is great complimentary care!) Please see a medical doctor or professional if needed. 

 Thank you for taking charge of your health!    

Elizabeth Howard
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master

Nationally Cetified Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist