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Client Testimonials in Reston Hypnosis

Disclaimer: Reiki along with other alternative healing methods such as hypnosis and EFT, etc. can help promote/enhance healing physically, mentally and spiritually for many people, but it doesn't mean it should replace medical care. (Although it is great complimentary care!)  Please see a Medical Doctor or professional if needed.  Thank you for taking charge of your health!

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September 19, 2015

Hello my name is Lynn Scanlan.  I met with Elizabeth for my very first Hypnotherapy session.  I met with her on September 5, 2015.  I was a little skeptical because I didn't really understand what hypnosis was, but after going through it, I now understand it is a very natural thing. 

It was a wonderful experience.  She was able to talk with me and find out things about my weight situation that no therapist has been able to get to.  She asked the right questions that made me think and realize things that I had not realized before.

Once she gathered enough information from me, then she proceeded to put me into a hypnotic state that suggested the things about my weight loss to my subconscious mind to help get to my healthy self.

These two weeks since my meeting with Elizabeth have proved to be very good.  I have kicked some bad habits that I had and have felt better about the choices that I am making in my weight loss journey.

I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone that is ready and interested in changing their lifestyle towards healthier living.


Lynn Scanlan


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September 24, 2017

Elizabeth spent a lot of time speaking with me and learning how she could help me with hypnosis.  She incorporated what I told here into a plan that would work for me.  It only took a few sessions of her therapy for me to be able to gain control of a behavior I wanted to change.  Thank you!



April 29, 2016

Over the last month, I have had the pleasure of meeting with Elizabeth Howard several times regarding my never ending battle to lose weight . Elizabeth is such a gentle, caring, non judgmental person, that I was able to relax and share my feelings and frustrations with the whole weight gain, body image, weight loss conundrum.

Though I was skeptical at first, Elizabeth’s positive energy has helped me get over the hump and move in the right direction. Takes more than a diet to lose weight, you have to be in the right frame of mind as well. Elizabeth has helped me help myself.

S. Richardson


June 12, 2015

I knew how to lose weight.  I had lost weight many times. I would achieve my goal and return to my old bad eating habits, the ones that caused me to gain weight in the first place.  Each time I repeated the same behavior it became harder to reach my goal. I was frustrated. What was the point of trying again if I was going to gain the weight back?

I knew I needed to make a permanent behavioral changes but I needed help to achieve my goal. I wanted to become the thin energetic person on the outside that I knew was on the inside.  I discussed my desires with Miss Howard and together we came up with a set of behavioral changes that I wanted to become good permanent eating habits.

The hypnosis sessions have been successful. I am enthusiastic about the progress I have made, 34 pounds lighter in 9 months.  I am eating healthy balanced delicious meals, my blood pressure and cholesterol are down.  My new clothes are 4 dress sizes smaller.  I feel wonderful and have lots of energy. A bathing suit is in the my near future.

If you have been unsuccessful in your weight loss challenges and are serious about wanting to lose weight, I would highly recommend weight loss hypnosis with Miss Howard.  She is knowledgeable and compassionate. Hypnosis works.

Christine H.
Leesburg, VA


Lansdowne, Lansdown,
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Jun 24, 2015

As of late I have been overwhelmed by personal and professional issues. Dealing with an eating disorder and reorganizing my business, put an enormous strain on me. Luckily I was able to call Elizabeth Howard. Through her sessions, she has helped me manage my stress, regain my focus, and reinforce positive eating habits. I am extremely grateful.

Justin Courtney


June 24, 2015

As a student Elizabeth was very interested in all the details of Hypnosis and the study of human behavior. After graduation she has continued her studies in different types and styles of HypnoTherapy. I have observed her to be very dedicated to her tasks and building her skills for her business.

Elizabeth currently is part of our team at Hambrock Holistic Healing Center. Her clients have remarked that she is very empathetic to their problems. They have said her sessions have been very productive and successful. I am proud of Elizabeth's progress.I would recommend her to anyone looking to Stop smoking, handle Weight issues or Stress and anxiety management 

Connie Hambrock
Hambrock Holistic, Mindbody Business Coach,CranioSacral Therapist. NGH Hypnosis Instructor


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