Reiki is used by many people all over the world who enjoy it's benefits.

Here is a list of celebrities that we know use reiki. A few of them are also reiki practitioners. Click on the links  below to find articles and more information about Reiki in the news.

Mel B                               Goldie Hawn
Halle Berry                    Kate Hudson
Kate Bosworth             Helen Hunt    
Sandra Bullock             Angelina Jolie  
Ellen DeGeneres          Nicole Kidman
Gaynor Faye                 Gwyneth Paltrow
Michael Flatley            Joley Richardson
Sadie Frost                   Sharon Stone
Macy Gray                    Uma Thurman
Naomi Watts

The Herald - Reiki Article
Now Magazine (Celebs Now) - Reiki Article
Lighthouse Trails - Reiki Article

Dr. Oz
Alongside very traditional, crucial health issues such as nutrition and sleep, Oz considers Reiki as a vehicle for well-being in his own life and for the population at large: an opportunity to reset, refocus, and de-stress. In a recent interview in The New Yorker magazine, Oz contends that a positive state of mind in a patient can link to a successful surgical outcome. When asked about lacking research and data in regards to Reiki in particular, Oz was emphatic.

Dr. Oz - Reiki Article

Reiki in the Operating Room with Dr. Mehmet Oz. 2010. Reiki News Magazine. 

Check out this great video!
Reiki Master Pamela Miles on the Dr. OZ Show   

Reiki Master Pamela Miles Website (She's Amazing!)

Lisa Oz- Dr. Oz's wife, Reiki Practitioner

Now that you are a Reiki Master, do you work in the field or have a private practice?  Reiki  is more of a personal interest for me and not a vocation. I do it all  the time on my family and people I care about. It’s been really wild. I  don’t completely understand how Reiki works (I’m not sure if many people do), but the results are amazing- See more at: 

Lisa Oz - Reiki Master Interview

Hayden Rouston - Olympic double medal cyclist

Hayden Rouston - Olympic double medal cyclist - Reiki Article

Charles Way- former all-star player with the New York Giants.

Reiki in the NFL -


Jack Nicklaus- Pro Golfer
Phil Mickelson- Pro Golfer
Jerry Kelly- Pro Golfer
Fred Funk- Pro Golfer
Ted Purdy- Pro Golfer

Jim Weathers - Reiki Practioner works with Sports Professionals

Jim Weathers - Website - Reiki Healer for Athletes and Celebrities

Christina Aguilera

Popular singer Christina Aguilera credits Reiki treatment for helping her lose 30 pounds and keep it off.

Aguilera,  a celebrity coach on the hit TV show The Voice, is quoted as saying,  “Reiki puts her mind in a good place and gives her the discipline to eat  healthy and maintain weight loss.”

The 32-year-old mom receives Reiki treatment three times a week. 

Christina Aguilera - Reiki Weight Loss - Women's Health Magazine

Christina Aguilera - Weight Loss Reiki -

Celebrities Who Have Used Reiki

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Disclaimer: Reiki along with other alternative healing methods such as hypnosis and EFT, etc. can help promote/enhance healing physically, mentally and spiritually for many people, but it doesn't mean it should replace medical care. (Although it is great complimentary care!)  Please see a Medical Doctor or professional if needed.  Thank you for taking charge of your health!

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