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Elizabeth Howard, Hypnotist in Reston, Va

My Hypnosis Story

Being a former Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis patient myself, I healed my past hurts, aches and pains through hypnosis,  I wanted to share with others the wonderful benefits of using hypnosis.

I have tried other forms of therapy: psychiatry, medications, psychologists, counseling, etc., and nothing seemed to work for me. I had lost all hope that I would ever change and feel better. Two close friends of mine suggested hypnosis to me, five years ago, and told me about these miraculous effects of hypnosis. They told me that one session was equivalent to one year of counseling.  So, I thought, what do i have to lose? Why not try Hypnosis? 

Through hypnosis I healed my fear of the dark, and years of abuse from my past.  I improved my self esteem and confidence, and started loving myself again, which only took me several sessions compared to years and years of therapy I would have gone through if I had taken alternative routes. Hypnotherapy changed my life, and I believe it can change yours too!

Have you tried everything and nothing has worked for you?  Why not try Hypnosis!

You are what you believe yourself to be!

Be Well!
‚ÄčElizabeth Howard

Elizabeth Howard - My Personal Account with Reiki:

While I was taking my Master Hypnotist Training I met a student in my  class that happened to be a Reiki Master.  At the time I was very  skeptical of Reiki, and knew absolutely nothing about it. I honestly  thought it was fake and a money scam before I got involved!  I also was  Atheist because I had walked away from my spiritual values. I was very  confused about life. One day after my hypnosis class I watched her  administer reiki to one of the instructors who was walking with a cane.   She sat there giving reiki to her for 10 minutes and my instructor said  she felt 50% pain reduction and was walking very noticably better. I  was very intrigued by what I saw and asked her to perform reiki on me.  She immediately sent Reiki to my Solar Plexus, the chakra that holds  your emotions.  I watched her hands start to pulsate.  And they looked  like the were thumping like base in a loud speaker.  I didn't physically  feel anything and started to doubt that it worked.  After 5 minutes I  started getting teary eyed and started breaking down.  For some odd  reason I felt very compelled to tell her about some very personal  experiences from childhood where I was abused. What I was experiencing  was a very spiritual and emotional release. As reiki can be used to help  facilitate healing not only to physical pain but also emotional and  spiritual too. I felt so good the coming days afterwards and I knew that  I wanted to get involved with Reiki. I got attuned to Reiki, and the  energy brought back my spirituality and relationship with God. My  thoughts and consciousness started to change and I felt more in control  of my emotions and an overall sense of peace.  I was advised by a close  Reiki friend that was also clairvoyant to start facilitating Reiki into  my hypnosis practice.  My friend received this guidance through her  guardian angels.  And so I did! And many of my clients loved it!  I  discovered how much I loved using Reiki and realized it is apart of my  life purpose to help facilitate healing in other people and help them  progress on their life journey!    

Thank you so much Joanne Newell for bringing me to Reiki and rekindling my faith and relationship with God!     

 And thank you for visiting my website and taking charge of your health  and well being! You are here for a reason! And may you be blessed on  your sacred life journey!   

With much Love, Violet Light, and Many Blessings,  

Elizabeth Howard
Karuna Reiki Master
Usui Reiki Master
Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotist in Virginia 

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Joanne Newell - Reiki Master
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P.S. I guess my friends were not exaggerating on the effects of hypnosis. I found out this information while I was studying for my certification in Hypnotherapy.

Disclaimer: Reiki along with other alternative healing methods such as hypnosis and EFT, etc. can help promote/enhance healing physically, mentally and spiritually for many people, but it doesn't mean it should replace medical care. (Although it is great complimentary care!)  Please see a Medical Doctor or professional if needed.  Thank you for taking charge of your health!

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The National Guild of Hypnotists was founded in 1951 and is the oldest and largest organization of it's kind. Professional membership in the NGH signifies that an individual possesses specific qualifications, agrees to abide by strict code of ethics, and will pursue continuing-education studies for annual recertification. Medical or psychological referrals may be required for certain conditions.

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